Hi folks! Today we're going to talk about whether AHAs should be used together or separately in your skincare routine?

☀️ Using AHAs together vs using AHAs separately?
- Different AHAs combined together in one product help them increase each other's effectiveness whereas by using AHAs separately, the effectiveness is limited to the properties of the AHA type
- AHAs used together help treat several skin conditions at once whereas using AHAs separately only solves a few skin conditions
- Usually available in high concentrations, >10% whereas usually available in low concentration, <10%
- Using AHAs together is good for people used to AHAs whereas using AHAs separately good for starters

? Is it better to use a single AHA/multiple AHAs?
Both ways have their benefits, however, if you have used any AHA before, our recommendation is to use them together

?A quick trivia: AHAs can also be combined with BHAs to exfoliate all the layers of the skin and treat several skin conditions