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Fluid Brightening Sunscreen with spf 50+ - Prevents Tanning & Provides a Brightening effect

Deconstruct Fluid Brightening Sunscreen with SPF 50+ and PA ++++  is a silicone free water resistant broad spectrum formula that has a lightweight texture and absorbs quickly into the skin providing a brightening effect. This water resistant sunscreen for dry & normal skin contains powerful sun filters such as Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Benzophenone-3 & Ethyl hexyl salicylate that protects skin from harmful UV radiations and prevents the damage caused by both UVA and UVB rays. It also contains powerful ingredients such as Niacinamide that helps in brightening the skin.

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    Fluid Brightening Sunscreen with spf 50+ - Prevents Tanning & Provides a Brightening effect
    Fluid Brightening Sunscreen with spf 50+ - Prevents Tanning & Provides a Brightening effect
    Fluid Brightening Sunscreen with spf 50+ - Prevents Tanning & Provides a Brightening effect
    Fluid Brightening Sunscreen with spf 50+ - Prevents Tanning & Provides a Brightening effect
    Fluid Brightening Sunscreen with spf 50+ - Prevents Tanning & Provides a Brightening effect
    Fluid Brightening Sunscreen with spf 50+ - Prevents Tanning & Provides a Brightening effect
    Fluid Brightening Sunscreen with spf 50+ - Prevents Tanning & Provides a Brightening effect
    Fluid Brightening Sunscreen with spf 50+ - Prevents Tanning & Provides a Brightening effect
    Fluid Brightening Sunscreen with spf 50+ - Prevents Tanning & Provides a Brightening effect


    Why is this beginner friendly?

    • Optimum UV filter conc.: Provides broad spectrum protection without causing irritation.
    • Hydrating: Contains allantoin & glycerin which soothe and hydrate the skin.
    • Texture: This sunscreen has a fluid texture which gets absorbed quickly.

    How to use?

    1. Apply on the skin evenly 20 minutes before stepping out in the sun.
    2. Reapply when needed for continued protection.

    DECONSTRUCTING Fluid Brightening Sunscreen with spf 50+ - Prevents Tanning & Provides a Brightening effect

    Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate : It is an excellent sunscreening agent that resists UVB in sunlight owing to its excellent UV absorption curve. Source, Source

    Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane : It protects against photoaging and tanning of the skin. Source

    Benzophenone-3 : A potent UV filter used to prevent sunburn and skin damage and as a stabilizer to prevent photo-degradation. Source, Source, Source

    PEG-100 Stearate : It is a non ionic emulsifier used in personal care products. Source

    Butylene Glycol : It is commonly used as a moisturizer in skincare formulations. Source

    Phospholipids : They are used technically as surface-active compounds and modulators of skin penetration. Source

    Phenoxyethanol : It has a large spectrum of antimicrobial activity and has been widely used as a preservative in cosmetic products. Source

    Glycerin : Glycerin is a humectant that improves the skin’s hydration and skin barrier function. Source

    Ethylhexylglycerin : It is used as a potentiating agent in combination with phenoxyethanol to obtain better protection against microbial growth. Source

    Niacinamide : A form of Vitamin B3, that reduces melanosome transfer from melanocytes and inhibits excess melanin production to tackle hyperpigmentation and also controls oil production. Source

    Xanthan Gum : It is a natural polysaccharide that functions as an emulsifying and thickening agent. Source

    Lecithin : It is used as an emulsifier and skin conditioning agent in skincare formulations. Source

    Sclerotium Gum : It is a polysaccharide gum that works as an emulsion stabilizer and skin conditioning agent. Source

    Pullulan : It has water retention and regenerative properties to reconstruct the structural architecture of an injured or aged skin. Source

    Sodium Acrylates Copolymer : A synthetic, acrylic-based polymer that functions in cosmetics as a texture enhancer, binder, and film-forming agent. Source

    Allantoin : A potent water soluble hydrating agent that soothes and calms the inflamed skin. A great ingredient for people with sensitive skin. Source

    Disodium EDTA : Disodium EDTA and the related ingredients bind to metal ions which inactivates them. The binding of metal ions helps prevent the deterioration of cosmetics and personal care products. It also helps to maintain clarity and prevent rancidity. Source


    Purified Water, Aqua (and) Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate (and) Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane (and) Benzophenone-3 (and) PEG-100 Stearate (and) Butylene Glycol (and) Phospholipids (and) Phenoxyethanol, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol (and) Ethylhexylglycerin, Niacinamide, Xanthan Gum (and) Lecithin (and) Sclerotium Gum (and) Pullulan, Sodium Acrylates Copolymer (and) Lecithin, Allantoin, Disodium EDTA



    • Patch testing prior to use is advised
    • All products are gender-neutral
    • Best suited for individuals above 18 years of age.


    This Fluid Brightening Sunscreen is best suited for-

    • Dry skin
    • Normal Skin


    Use Fluid Brightening sunscreen if your concerns are -

    • Sun protection
    • Prevention of tanning
    • Protection against photoaging
    • Protection from sunburn causing skin cancer



    Where do we ship to?

    We ship to almost every city in India. We do not offer an international shipping option currently, but we hope to offer it in the future.

    How long does an order take to process?

    We try to process the orders within 24 working hours, in most cases we try to fulfil the order within 5 working days, but please allow us 7 working days to fulfil the order. Order delivery time may vary during peak periods(after/during product launches, holidays and special promotions)

    How long does it take to ship?

    We ship all confirmed orders within 24 working hours. You will receive an email once your order is shipped with your tracking number. We work as hard as we can to try to meet your expectations, but sometimes there may be delays – e.g. because of postal/carrier delays, logistics, bad weather, or things out of our control.

    How can you track your order?

    Once your order has been dispatched from our warehouse, you will receive an email with your tracking information.


    You can cancel your orders by writing to us on our Email ID – or please call us on 080-471-05772 (Monday to Friday, 10AM to 7PM & Saturday 10AM to 4PM)and we will help you in cancelling the order.

    How will I receive the refund for my cancelled order?

    For prepaid orders, money will be returned to the bank account/credit/debit card or where the payment was made within 7 business working days.We will be able to credit to the original method of payment, we cannot refund to another alternative card.

    Please Note: Orders can only be cancelled before they are shipped.

    Returns and Refund

    Thank you for shopping at The Deconstruct. We have made all our products with utmost care and deep scientific knowledge with an understanding of most skin types. If you are still not completely satisfied with a purchase, please reach out to us and we will put all our efforts to help you. Kindly make an unboxing video for an easy reference. 

    We offer refund / replacement only in following cases:

    1. Wrong product delivered
    2. Expired product delivered
    3. Damaged product delivered – Physical damage
    4. Missing product

    Step 1 – Raise a request within 2 days from the date of delivery along with an unboxing video through Email – or on Whatsapp at +919398249040 with the pictures of the issue
    you are facing and your order ID.

    Step 2 – Allow us 48 working hours to review your request.

    Step 3 – On reviewing your request, we will send our courier partner to collect the product delivered to you.

    Step 4 – After your product(s) is received, we will verify it and initiate the replacement or refund accordingly.

    Under what conditions return/ replacement requests will not be accepted?

    • Opened/used/altered products.
    • Original packaging (mono cartons, labels, etc.) missing.
    • The return/replacement request is generated after 2 days from the date of delivery.
    • The damaged/ missing product is reported after 2 days from the date of delivery.
    • Update received as product delivered but product not received and if reported after 24 hours from the time of delivery.


    1. What are the main active ingredients in Fluid Brightening Sunscreen?
      The main active ingredients in Broad Spectrum Fluid Brightening Sunscreen are:
      • Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane: A sunscreening agent that provides ultra protection against UV radiation.
      • Niacinamide: Reduces UV induced irritation & brightens the skin.
      • Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate: Protects from UVB rays of the sun.
      • Benzophenone-3: An organic sunscreen filter that minimizes the damaging effects of UV radiations.
    2. What does the Fluid Brightening Sunscreen do?
      Fluid Brightening Sunscreen is a lightweight, dewy sunscreen that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving no white cast, and also helps in reducing irritation caused due to sun exposure. It protects from the sun's ultraviolet rays, both UVA and UVB, acts as a protective barrier for sun-exposed skin, prevents tanning of the skin, sun-related aging, risk of skin cancer, and dark spots caused by the sun. Additionally, it keeps your skin hydrated.
    3. Can Fluid Brightening Sunscreen be used by acne-prone skin?
      Yes, Fluid Brightening Sunscreen is a lightweight sunscreen with SPF 50+ that can be used by acne-prone skin.
    4. How to use Fluid Brightening Sunscreen?
      1. Apply on the skin evenly 20 minutes before stepping out in the sun.
      2. Reapply when needed for continued protection.
    5. What is SPF value?
      SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, a numerical value which measures how well a sunscreen protects from UVB rays. A sunscreen with higher SPF values offers more protection against sunburns, UVA rays, and DNA damage as compared to those with lower SPF values.
    6. What is PA rating?
      PA rating describes how well a sunscreen protects from UVA rays that can cause aging. It is usually followed by + indicating how much the sunscreen protects from UVA rays. There are 4 ratings done to confirm this protection as per below:
      • PA+ = Some UVA protection
      • PA++ = Moderate UVA protection
      • PA+++ = High UVA protection
      • PA++++ = Extremely high UVA protection
    7. What are UV Rays? What are UVA and UVB rays? How do they affect the skin?
      UV radiations are a form of electromagnetic radiation that comes from natural sources such as sunlight, or from artificial sources such as tanning beds and lasers. There are 3 types of UV rays viz. UVA, UVB, UVC. UVC is filtered out by the ozone layer and doesn’t reach the earth's surface. UVB reaches/penetrates the epidermis (upper layer of skin surface) and UVA penetrates the till hypodermis (deeper layer of skin). These rays can cause tanning, burning, redness, premature aging, and cancer.
    8. What is the difference between physical and chemical sunscreen? Is Fluid Brightening Sunscreen physical or chemical based?
      A physical sunscreen forms a layer on the top of the skin and blocks or reflects the UV rays, whereas a chemical sunscreen contains chemical UV filters which work by absorbing UV rays, converting them into heat, and releasing from the skin surface. Fluid Brightening Sunscreen is a chemical sunscreen that contains UV absorbing and altering properties of chemical filters, thus offers UVA & UVB protection.
    9. Should I use sunscreen only in the summer?
      No, Sunscreen should be used every day and should be a part of your daily skincare regimen, not just in summer. You are exposed to UV radiations every day when you step out. Hence, applying sunscreen is mandatory despite the season.
    10. What is a broad spectrum sunscreen?
      A broad spectrum SPF sunscreen is the one that protects from both UVA and UVB radiations of the sun.
    11. How often should I put on Fluid Brightening Sunscreen?
      You can reapply Fluid Brightening Sunscreen as and when needed. But if you are outdoors make sure to reapply it every two hours for added protection.

    Manufacturer Details

    Manufacturer Details

    KAPCO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Plot no. 10-11, Sector - 3 , Parwanoo, Himachal pradesh 173220, Solan, 173220

    Country of origin: India

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews
    Parnavi Parhad

    This sunscreen protects and also gives that dewy hydrated finish to my skin. Feels like the skin is glowing. Also if doesn't leave any sort of white cast. I am absolutely loving it 💯 ❤️

    Fab for both face and body

    Great dewy texture which suits my dry skin on face and body both!

    Go for it

    I took my patch test and use this.From the last month, it has been completel removed my tan from my face

    Chitra Hariharan
    Loved it !!❤️❤️

    Loved this sunscreen from deconstruct - it literally has no white cast and is super lightweight and gets absorbed super quickly. Gives a nice glow post application and one of the best sunscreen with SPF 50+ out on the market !❤️

    NO WHITE CAST!!!! & Long-lasting

    Finallyyyyyy Deconstruct has nailed it with this Fluid Brightening Sunscreen. The formula is super lightweight and doesn’t leave a white cast, which is a big deal for me. It’s water-resistant and lasts all day, even through sweat and humidity in this humid weather of Bangalore. I’ve been using it daily n my skin feels protected and looks more luminous. The combination of effective sun filters and niacinamide is brilliant. I’m so glaaddddd I found thissssl!!!!

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