Niacinamide is an extremely versatile and easy going ingredient which should be included in everyone's routine irrespective of skin type & problem⁣
AHAs & BHAs⁣⁣
AHA & BHA should be used along with niacinamide in the same routine. Use AHA/ BHA leave on/ wash off serum and then use niacinamide serum/ cream.⁣


✨ Vitamin C⁣⁣
There is a lot of information around mixing niacinamide and vitamin C because of them being unstable earlier. But most recent formulations are stable and can be used in the same routine. Apply niacinamide on freshly cleansed skin and follow up with vitamin C.⁣
☀️ Hyaluronic acid, retinoids, alpha arbutin⁣⁣
These versatile compounds can be used in the same regime as that of niacinamide. They can be used before/ after/ along with niacinamide⁣

⚡ Benzoyl Peroxide, azelaic acid⁣⁣
Niacinamide can be used in the same routine⁣