It is important to stop the acne at the right stage using the right ingredients & measures!

✨ Stop The Acne At The Right Stage:
- Hormonal reaction: clean face twice a day, surroundings & diet, understand your medicines
- Excess Oil Production: BHA, retinoids, niacinamide, use right products/ ingredients
- Clogged Pores: salicylic acid/ BHA, AHA, niacinamide, retinoids, azelaic acid/ PAD
- Acne with Pus: antibiotics (prescription), retinoids, azelaic acid/ PAD, benzoyl peroxide
- Inflammation/Redness: niacinamide, retinoids, potassium azeloyl diglycinate, prescription drugs
- Spots/Scars/Marks: alpha arbutin, niacinamide, azelaic acid/ PAD, retinoids, clinical treatments