☀️What is alpha arbutin?⁣
It is a water soluble molecule, derived from berry plants such as bearberries, blueberries and cranberries. It is one of the most advanced natural ingredients in skincare, given its effectiveness in inhibiting pigmentation.⁣

⚡How does it work on the skin?⁣
Arbutin suppresses the melanin production in the skin (by interfering with the activity of an enzyme, tyrosinase which is needed to produce melanin in the skin) and also slows down the process of pigmentation to happen. This way it both prevents and treats pigmentation and dark spots.⁣

?Alpha arbutin works best with other ingredients⁣
- Niacinamide & arbutin fades hyperpigmentation effectively⁣
- Vitamin C & arbutin gives improved radiance⁣
- AHA, when used together, facilitates better absorption of arbutin⁣
- HA & arbutin gives a clear & dewy tone⁣

⭐What are the advantages of using Alpha arbutin?⁣
- Alpha arbutin being a very gentle anti oxidant can be used by any skin types ⁣
- It can also be used with various actives without any problem, both day & night⁣

✨Pair alpha arbutin with other ingredients and see the magic! ⁣