A girl walks into an interview. Gets rejected by serious-looking senior management. She then uses a skin cream. And voila! She is ready to ace every interview in life.

Sounds familiar, right?

After watching beauty brand adverts, an alien would believe that women seek nothing less than a genie who can magically transform them into greek goddesses.

The fact is that most of us just need that little help to look and feel better. And like for other products, we’d like to understand what makes a beauty brand work. But, big beauty brands still believe in the archaic approach of triggering purchases through emotional impulses

How Deconstruct is breaking convention?

Simple and straightforward skincare

Big beauty brands have us believe that skin care is complicated. It isn’t.

That’s why we build our formulations around ‘actives’ which deliver the actual results on your skin. We mention all the pros and cons in our communication, so you make the right decision for your skin type and condition.

Chemicals are safe, and good.

Many beauty brands hide behind the illusory veil of ‘organic and natural’ because we’ve been led to believe chemicals are bad. They aren’t. 

Even in organic products, it is the root chemical that delivers the difference. Our products use chemical ingredients that have been extensively tested for safety and efficacy. You won’t hear big beauty brands say this. But we’ll say it, chemicals are good.

Backed by science and innovation

In the game of scale and bureaucracy, big beauty brands don’t innovate. That’s not the case with us. 

  Science and research are evolving quickly, really fast and our promise is to bring the latest and innovative formulations to you! We not only mention the ‘science and research’ behind our ingredients, we also mention their proportion on our packs. Big beauty brands sacrifice innovation at the altar of scale, we don’t.

Our origin story

Malini, our founder, is an engineer by qualification. Like most of us, she was tired of brands indulging in what she calls ‘fairytale marketing’. So she decided to turn to science to launch a skincare brand she could identify with. With months of R&D, Deconstruct was born. Deconstruct saw immediate success with an Instagram community that identified with the brand well before its products were launched.

But what are we really about?

We live in the age of information and all our decisions are driven by data and insights. Why should skincare be any different?

So our mission is to place ‘information over impulse’.

Yes, our skincare products are simple, innovative and backed by science, but we also share information that’s worth knowing. Through our blogs and social media channels, we ensure our users know the good and the not-so-good about our products and skincare in general. And we are always happy to answer questions, test us out by sending a message ?🙂

We will ensure that your skin looks and feels better. But what we won’t do is promise that you will become a serial interview-acer.

And we hope big beauty brands won’t do that either. And we hope, like us, they start sharing information and not resort to claims that trigger an emotional impulse.

Yes, we need emotions in our lives, but not in our skincare regimen.