SPF lip balms vs. regular lip balm: Understanding the difference

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We all want to get rid of chapped lips and hence hydrating your lips is obviously important but what about Sun protection for lips? What are spf lip balms and do we really need it? In this blog, we will discuss the difference between regular lip balms and spf lip balms and which one to pick and why.

What is a regular lip balm?

Regular lip balms are topical lip treatments for dry lips. They provide moisturisation to the lips and prevent them from dryness. They are typically made up of waxes, emollients, and humectants to lock in moisture. Some also have added fragrances or flavours.

What is a lip balm with SPF?

Lip balm with SPF  provides added sun protection along with the benefits of a regular lip balm. These lip balms contain moisturising ingredients just like regular lip balms but also have UV filters to protect your lips from Sun-induced pigmentation.

Differences between regular lip balm and Lip balm with SPF


Regular lip balm: Only focuses on hydrating lips and doesn’t provide sun protection.

Lip balm with SPF: Provides spf protection as well as hydrates and moisturizes lips.


Regular lip balm: Generally has moisturizing ingredients like waxes, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and various oils.

Lip balm with SPF: Contains UV filters to prevent lips from sunburn and moisturising ingredients like butter to hydrate the lips.


Regular lip balm: Suitable for indoor usage with minimal sun exposure

Lip balm with SPF: Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, even on sunny days.

SPF Labelling

Regular lip balm: These don’t have any spf labelling on them.

Lip balm with SPF: Check label for protection level. It is recommended to use spf 30 lip balm to ensure optimal sun protection.

When to use Lip balm with SPF vs. regular lip balm

Use lip balm with SPF

  •         If you will be spending time outdoors even on cloudy days.
  •         If you are going for winter sports as snow reflects UV rays.
  •         At high altitudes where UV radiations are stronger

Use regular lip balm

  •         When your lips are dry or chapped
  •         If you will be staying indoors
  •         As an overnight lip treatment.


Both regular lip balms and SPF lip balms offer multiple benefits for lip care but they serve different purposes. The best choice depends on your needs!


1.What SPF lip balm is best for daily use?

Use spf 30 lip balm daily to ensure optimal sun protection.

2.Can I use spf lip balm for dark lips?

Lip balms with spf can help prevent sun-induced pigmentation. Look for ingredients like Kojic acid,Vitamin C or resorcinol which can help reduce pigmentation over time.