Why, What & How of Emollients!

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What are emollients?

Emollients are soother or softener that softens dry, rough, flakey skin, making it look and feel better.
Emollients are present in moisturizers, creams, lotions, and sometimes in cleansers too.

How does an emollient work?

Emollients fill the open dry spaces between the cells in your skin with fatty substances, called lipids, which make the skin smoother and softer.
They don’t necessarily change the moisture content of your skin but make your skin feel smooth.

Where to find & who can use them?

Emollients are found in most moisturizers and can be used on a daily basis.
A few emollients also come with a few occlusive properties, hence these types are better avoided by oily skin types.

Benefits of Emollients-

  • Treats eczema & psoriasis.
  • Prevents early signs of aging.
  • Strengthens skin barrier.
  • Acts like a hydrating agent.
  • Treats itchy, red, & cracked skin.
  • Soothens dry skin.

? Emollients are one of the basic building blocks of a moisturizer!