Hi folks, today we're going to talk about a new ingredient that is much loved for its versatile properties - azelaic acid. Here in this post, we will discuss how it works on the skin and what makes it so effective?
What is Azelaic Acid?
A naturally occurring acid found in food grains like wheat and rye, that helps treat acne, reduce inflammation and control rosacea
✨ How does it work on the skin?
It inhibits the synthesis of microbial cellular protein, preventing acne on skin. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties produce a scavenger effect on free radicals. Simultaneously, it inhibits excess melanin production to treat hyperpigmentation

☀️ What makes Azelaic Acid effective?
- anti-bacterial: keeps acne-causing bacteria in check
- breaks down keratin that can clog pores and unclogs pores
- treats hyperpigmentation to fade acne scars and marks
- anti-inflammatory: reduces redness and inflammation