Ingredients that work on HYPERPIGMENTATION:

1. Vitamin C- Helps reduce the appearance of scarring and even out your skin tone by boosting collagen production.

2. Niacinamide- Works on tanning, freckles & reduces dark spots on the skin.

3. Azelaic acid- Helps in dealing with both active acne and its related hyperpigmentation.

4. Kojic Acid- It is a natural bleaching agent. It’s often used for age spots, & helps reduce brown-colored pigmentation from acne.

5. Hydroquinone- It is a bleaching agent that gets rid of dark spots while also slowing down the release of melanin.

6. Alpha Arbutin - Alpha Arbutin works on immediate skin brightness.

? There is no right answer to choosing the right ingredient, it all depends on the %, formulation, and what suits your skin the best.