Today we came up with the most essential information regarding what ingredients are safe to use during pregnancy & what should be avoided ??

Why we should avoid certain ingredients during pregnancy?

The ingredients in some beauty, skin, and personal care products can get absorbed into the bloodstream, and some of these ingredients are thought to be harmful to a developing baby. ?

✨ Ingredients that aren't safe to use during pregnancy are:

1) Hydroquinone
2) Retinoids
3) Parabens
4) Fragrances
5) Benzoyl Peroxide
6) Apla Arbutin

✨ Ingredients that are safe to use during pregnancy:

1) Peptides
2) Niacinamide
3) Vitamin C
4) Azelaic Acid
5) Hyaluronic Acid
6) Lactic Acid

? Always remember it is important to discuss your beauty routine and the products you use with your doctor and to consult with them before introducing a new ingredient to your skincare regime during pregnancy!