Physical Exfoliation VS Chemical Exfoliation

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⚡What are exfoliation and exfoliants?⁣

Exfoliants remove the dead cells from your skin to reveal fresh and new skin and this process is called exfoliation⁣.

⚡ Physical Exfoliation:

  1. Scrub/ any granular agent exfoliate by removing dead cells by physical friction and this process is called physical exfoliation⁣
  2. Scrubs remove the dead skin cells only from the upper dermal layers⁣
  3. Physical exfoliants are suggested to be avoided, as the friction with scrubs can micro-tear skin, if not properly used!⁣
  4. Mild scrubs are fine but avoid scrubs with bigger particles!⁣

⚡ Chemical Exfoliation:

  1. Alpha hydroxy/ beta/ polyhydroxy acids (aha/ bha/ pha) exfoliate by dissolving dead skin cells and this process is called chemical exfoliation⁣
  2. aha & bha go deeper into the skin layer to react and dissolve the dead skin cells⁣
  3. Chemical exfoliants are recommended for sensitive/ very dry/ acne-prone skin types due to the gentle process of exfoliation⁣
  4. Chemical exfoliants are extremely safe to use!⁣

Our recommendation is always to go with chemical exfoliation. Use AHA/ BHA/ PHA in your routine and see the difference!⁣