Over the last few years, more and more people have realised the value of the skin care product that offers a powerful dose of active ingredients - face serum. Designed to treat your skin concern, it acts as a potent addition to your skincare routine by penetrating the skin’s surface for optimum benefits.

A favoured product among skincare enthusiasts, face serums are used after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Read on to learn how to use serum on the face correctly, its benefits, and more.

How to Apply Face Serum Correctly?

Unlike thick face moisturizers and creams, the way of applying the serum is slightly different. While the latter needs to be dabbed, the first two must be massaged to your face in small tapping motions.

The individual needs to use their palms or fingertips to apply face serum. Moreover, rubbing your skin back and forth can do more harm than good while applying a face serum. Instead, letting the serum absorb into your skin on its own is the way to go.

Here’s how you can apply face serum correctly using a dropper:

  • Take two-three drops from the face serum’s dropper into your palm.
  • Spread it between your palms.
  • Use gentle and small tapping motions to dab the face serum all over your face and neck.
  • Wait for the serum to properly penetrate your skin before moving to the next step of your skincare regime.

How Much Face Serum Should be Used at Once?

Most face serums these days come with an easy-to-use dropper that makes their application mess-free and effortless.

Since serums are concentrated actives, you don’t need to apply them in large quantities. How much face serum should be used exactly? For a one-time application, two to three drops of the serum are enough to cover your entire face. Any more won’t help speed up or enhance the results.

How to Use Face Serum?

How to use a face serum? When to use face serum? Here are the steps to use a face serum efficiently:

Patch Test

Face serums contain highly concentrated and potent ingredients. If you’re new to face serums or have sensitive skin, start with a patch test. It allows you to understand how the serum reacts to the skin.

You can try the product on a small area of your skin. The side of the neck is an efficient place to start.

While some serums might leave the face slightly pink, the redness will subside after 10-15 minutes. Itchy skin or rashes are a sign of a potential reaction. In such a case, apply ice to the affected area. Let it rest on your skin for 15 minutes, and then gently rinse it off.

Use Cleansing Balm or Micellar Water

Micellar water acts as an excellent cleanser for your skin. It removes various impurities in your skin, allowing it to absorb skincare products easily. Thus, applying it before a face serum can be tremendously beneficial.

Conversely, cleaning balms can cleanse without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

So, use either micellar water or a cleansing balm before washing your face.

Use Face Wash That Suits Your Skin

A potent face serum isn’t going to be enough for your skincare. The other products you use must be equally effective. One of the most common mistakes people make is buying a generic face wash.

So, if you have oily skin, opt for an oil-removal face wash. Choose a dry skin face wash if your skin lacks the essential natural moisturizing factors. People with combination or sensitive skin should also pick an appropriate facewash.

Must-Have Exfoliator For Skin

After washing your face, move on to exfoliation. Using a good exfoliator helps to unclog pores, even out the skin tone, and boost circulation. In addition, it helps other skincare products like face serums to penetrate deeper. But remember to wash it off later.

Apply Face Serum

Take three to four drops of face serum and apply in an upward direction using gentle upward motions. Make sure it’s absorbed fully. Before moving to the next skincare step, it’s essential to wait a few minutes. This will allow the face serum to penetrate your skin properly.

Use Moisturiser For Face

The last step for a night skincare routine is moisturization. How to use face serum with moisturizer? Squeeze a small amount of your preferred moisturizer on your hand and rub it all over your face. A potent moisturizer (after serum) will seal in your serum and make your skin glow.

If you’re carrying out a skincare routine during the day, don’t forget to apply sunscreen after moisturizing your face.

How To Apply Face Serum At Night

Night serums are exceedingly concentrated, with the ingredients taking effect while you are sleeping. It’s vital not to layer too much while applying a night serum. But don’t forget to use a moisturizer after utilizing a serum.

Follow the same steps mentioned above for applying a face serum at night.

Tips on How To Use Face Serum EveryDay

1. Never Apply Serum After Moisturiser

Moisturizers belong to the family of thick skincare products that seal in other products you apply before them. Conversely, serums are lightweight and can’t penetrate the barrier created by moisturizers. Applying them after moisturizers would only harm your skin.

2. Apply to Damp Skin

The moisture makes it easier for the face serum to penetrate your skin. That is why you should ensure your skin is lightly damp when you apply serum on your face.

3. Avoid Colours & Fragrances in Serum

Excessive fragrances and artificial colors add nothing beneficial and may even hamper a serum’s absorption. Besides, these ingredients might not be suitable for all individuals and may cause itching, irritation, allergic reactions, or inflammation. Thus, don’t opt for pleasant scents or pretty colors in serums.

4. Store it Right

To get the most from your serum, store it in a cool, dry place. This also helps increase your serum’s shelf life.

5. Apply on a Clean Face

Applying serum on a cleansed face helps prevent clogged pores and facilitates penetration. That is why you must clean your face before applying a face serum. Some people opt for a double cleanse using a face wash and a face scrub.

6. Use Twice a Day

To get the most from a face serum, use it twice a day. Ideally, use it once in the morning and once before bedtime.

Benefits of Using Face Serum

Now that you know how to use face serum, here are some benefits of applying it regularly:

  • It helps minimize skin pores.
  • It helps improve skin texture.
  • It helps with hyperpigmentation and hydrates the skin.
  • Its regular use ensures fewer spots and scars.
  • It protects your skin against free radicals.

1. Can we use face serum daily?

Ans. Yes, you can. Face serums are gentle, making them suitable for everyday use. Try using a face serum twice a day.

2. When to apply face serum – morning or night or both times?

Ans. That would depend on the active agent in the serum. If retinol is the active compound in the serum, it’s better to use it at night. Otherwise, you can use the face serum during the day.

3. Can I use moisturizer after serum?

Ans. Yes, you can. Moisturizers belong to the family of thick skincare products that seal in other products you apply before them. That is why using them after a serum is beneficial to your skin.

4. How long should I leave serum on my face?

Ans. Before going in for a moisturizer, it’s vital to let the serum settle. You should leave a face serum on for four to five minutes.

5. Which serum is best for your face?

Ans. A serum that suits your skin type and skin concern is the best choice for your face. So, whether you have a dry, oily, or combined skin type, choosing a face serum suited to your skin is necessary.

6. When should I use a face serum?

Ans. Use a face serum immediately after applying a cleanser and before applying a moisturizer. To get the best results, use a face serum twice daily.

7. How much face serum should I use?

Ans. A pea-sized amount or two drops is sufficient for one-time use.

8. Do serums really work?

Ans. Due to active ingredients like retinol, vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants, serums can do wonders for your skin. They are efficient at fighting wrinkles, dark spots, and signs of aging and getting a healthy skin glow.

9. Can I use serum without toner?

Ans. It’s a personal choice. While some people use it, others don’t. Applying toner isn’t necessary, and you can use a serum without it.

10. What pointers need to be considered at the time of choosing face serum?

Ans. Skin-friendliness, hydration levels, ingredients, and surplus benefits are some significant tips to choose a face serum that will be the most suitable for you.