Fun Facts about Lactic Acid

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⭐ Fact 1: Lactic acid was first found and described in sour milk by the Swedish chemist Karl Wilhelm Scheele

⭐ Fact 2: Lactic acid (AHA) is a humectant that brightens the skin, makes the skin smooth, and even the skin’s texture.

⭐ Fact 3: Lactic Acid also helps firm up the sagging skin, fine lines & wrinkles by promoting collagen growth.

⭐ Fact 4: We make lactate all the time. Lactic acid is produced in the muscles during intense activity by the breakdown of glucose and may be used by muscle cells as a source of energy.

⭐Fact 5: Lactic acid is a fermentation product of lactose (milk sugar); it is present in sour milk, yogurt & cottage cheese.

⭐ Fact 6- Lactic Acid does mild chemical peeling & can be utilized on the face to even hyperpigmentation & decrease age spots & acne scars.

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