How safe is niacinamide?

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Is niacinamide safe to use? What precautions to be taken while using it? Answering them for you here.
✨Is niacinamide safe to be applied?⁣⁣
niacinamide is one of the safest ingredients to be used in skincare and has extensive research behind it! And it doesn't cause any reaction in 98% of people!⁣

?What happens as a side effect in a few people?⁣
Niacinamide does NOT cause any long term damage⁣. For a few people, niacinamide can cause redness, especially in sensitive areas such as around eyes. Hence, a patch test is always recommended⁣
?Which ingredients should be avoided with niacinamide?⁣
Niacinamide goes almost with all other ingredients⁣

☀️Is niacinamide + vitamin C combo safe?
Niacinamide & Vitamin C used to be considered unsafe earlier when there wasn't enough scientific research to have them both in stable forms. But with recent developments, most new age formulations are safe to be used together⁣
⭐What precautions should be taken while using niacinamide?⁣
Always a patch test is recommended to be done before using any new product, including a product containing niacinamide!⁣

?Niacinamide is also called vitamin B3 and is also prescribed in a tablet form⁣