?Dehydrated skin lacks water on the upper dermal layers of your skin. This is a temporary skin condition which can occur to any skin type and hence continuous use of water based moisturisers or serums is advisable for all skin types!⁣⁣⁣

✨Despite your skin not being a dry skin type, in a dehydrated skin condition skin feels dull, tight after a face wash or dry and rough, especially in the corners of the nose and chin. ⁣

☀️This can be caused by various external factors, such as wrong skincare product usage, pollution, weather conditions, air conditioning etc and internal factors such as diet, aging etc. ⁣

❄️Dehydrated skin is a sign of a weakened skin barrier and here your everyday product will not function as they normally should. For example, your everyday moisturizer will not absorb as effectively as it used to. Instead, it will just end up sitting on top of your skin. ⁣⁣

? Use gentle cleansers with as they won't strip the oils from your skin. ⁣

? Also, ensure that your moisturizer contains lots of humectants and skin-identical lipids. Use hydrating serums heavy on hyaluronic acid, ceramides, urea, squalane, cholestrol, fatty acids.⁣

?Apply moisturizer/ hydrating serum more frequently and preferably on damp skin ⁣

? Make sure you apply sunscreen very diligently.⁣⁣