Double cleansing is a technique that involves using two different types of cleanser, one after the other. The most typical technique is to wash your face with a pure oil, oil-based liquid cleanser, cleaning balm, light face scrub, or cleansing cloth, then follow with a usual, water-soluble gel, cream or lotion cleanser as per your skin type. After that, carry on with the rest of your skincare routine. There are several benefits of double cleansing. Cleansing like this ensures that both impurities are removed from your skin, and your face will be as deep and supple as possible.

Who should Double Cleanse?

The rule of thumb is that everyone , depending on your skin type or whatever product you use, should be doing a double cleanse every day, morning and night! Not only will this prevent blemishes and imperfections, it will ensure that your skin is ready to receive all the other products you use, making them even more effective. So the next time you're wondering whether you should be double cleaning, just remember that the answer is almost always yes.

Benefits of Double Cleansing

The following are the benefits of double cleansing your face :

  • It cleans your face well.
  • To prevent sensitivity or overdrying, you'll find that two gentle steps are more effective than one strong mixture.
  • After double-cleansing, your skin can better absorb other skin care products.
  • It can also remove lethargy. Oil-based cleansers are excellent in removing oil-based filth, residue, cosmetics, and, most significantly, sebum, which is produced excessively in acne sufferers.
  • Instead of using one cleanser for your skin, it is better to use two gentle ones.
  • Double-cleansing can be an effective tool for removing excess oil for those with oily skin.
  • It is a good way to remove makeup. Therefore, double-cleansing can be useful for those who apply heavy makeup.

How to Double Cleanse as per Skin Type ?

Although double cleansing is a two-step procedure that only takes a few minutes to complete, it is not a one-size-fits-all approach to skin care. Choosing the right double cleaning method and pair is critical for getting the most out of your skincare routine, taking into account your skin type and issues.

  • Double Cleansing for Dry skin or sensitive skin

Look for moderate, hypoallergenic, pH-neutral products that won't irritate your skin. For sensitive or dry skin, components like shea butter or jojoba oil that can maintain moisture are good.

  • Double Cleansing for Oily skin or acne prone skin

Select acne specific products with anti inflammatory ingredients such as glycolic acid and Vitamin E, that can minimize oil production and that aren't too heavy. Use mild products that will nourish your skin while removing extra oil and cleaning your pores if you have oily skin.

  • Double Cleansing for Normal skin

You don't need to look for anything specifically for average skin, but hydrating oil-based cleansers should be used first, followed by a cream-based water or foam-based cleanser.

  • Double Cleansing for Combination skin

Choose cleansers that don't dry out your face while still regulating your skin's oil production. It is ideal to have an oil-based first cleanser containing ceramides to aid hydration, and a water-based second cleanser with a foamy texture for refreshing your face.


Double cleansing Method:

The key steps in double cleansing method are the same regardless of your skin type:

  • A cleansing oil, balm, or micellar water should be used to cleanse dry skin.
  • Use the first cleanser and massage your skin with your fingers, a cotton ball, or a soft cloth to help break down makeup, sebum, and sunscreen residue.
  • Using water, wet your face.
  • Use your fingertips, a soft cloth, or a cleansing gadget to massage the second cleanser into your skin.
  • Remove the cleanser from your face and pat it dry.

When & how often to double cleanse your skin

It's normal to only do a double cleanse at night. After all, this is the time of year when your skin is most likely to be caked in make-up and filth. However, because sebum is created as you sleep, you can use this procedure in the mornings as well. Select a frequency that works for you and try to carry it out everyday for the best results. Though if required you can double cleanse twice a day- morning and night.

Tips for double cleansing your skin

  • Using an oil-based cleanser is actually good if you have oily skin. It has the ability to eliminate any contaminants induced by excessive oil production.
  • If you don't think your skin will benefit from an oil-based cleanser, switch to two water-based cleansers and repeat the process.
  • Oil-based cleansers aid in the removal of sunscreen, which can linger on your skin if not thoroughly removed.
  • To remove eye makeup and other cosmetics from your eyes, use a fragrance-free oil-based cleanser.
  • Oil-based cleansers are effective in cleaning all skin types since they don't include harsh chemicals.


Double cleansing is a good approach to get rid of dirt and pollutants that have accumulated in your skin. If you wear a lot of make-up and spend a lot of time outside, you should absolutely attempt double cleansing to notice the difference.


  1. Can You Over-Clean Your Face With Double Cleansing?

It may clean your face too thoroughly, causing your skin to become dry or inflamed. Double cleansing, on the other hand, will not dry up your skin if you use the appropriate cleansers. If your skin is becoming too dry, only do it once at night.

  1. Isn't it true that using an oil cleanser might cause acne?

This is a common mistake, according to various experts. They believe that mixing oil with oil does not produce additional oil, and that cleansing oils can aid in the removal of pore-clogging substances that can trigger breakouts.

  1. If you don't wear makeup, do you need to twice cleanse?

First and foremost, there is no need to cleanse twice. It isn't simply useful for cosmetics users, though. Sunscreen and other chemicals are removed with oil-based cleaners.