Micellar water is a liquid cleanser that contains small micelle molecules that are readily soluble in water and attract oil. This means oil, makeup, dirt and grime easily attaches to it in just a few swipes. It contains water, a little glycerin, and a mild concentration of surfactant that helps remove dirt. You do not need to wash it off after using micellar water as it gets completely absorbed into your skin and acts as a toner.

Micellar water is both gentle and effective at removing debris, makeup, and oil from the pores. Are you curious about the benefits of micellar water? It's alcohol-free and can help hydrate your skin while minimizing irritation and inflammation, leaving it soft, smooth, and supple.

How Micellar Water works ?

It's made using purified water, moisturizers like glycerin, and mild surfactants, which are compounds used for cleaning. The molecules of these mild surfactants combine to form micelles, a type of circular chemical structure that helps draw dirt and oil from the skin. A micelle is a ball-shaped group of surfactant molecules, with the water-loving heads pointing inward around the outside and the tails pointing inward, so they don't have to be so close to the water that they step back. Essentially, micellar waters are just a lot of micelle clusters hanging around in the water. So it acts like a cleansing water for face.

Benefits of Micellar Water

This small and handy product packs a lot of benefits that you will love especially if you are very special when it comes to your facial products. This is a great alternative to other cleansers that are harsh on the skin. It can also work for different skin types like people with sensitive skin.

Here are some specific micellar water uses and benefits :

  • Removes Dirt and Oil : Micellar water is often used to remove makeup, dirt and oil from the skin. Many of its ingredients can increase the permeability of the skin, leading to a deep cleansing. So micellar water for oily skin can really serve to be beneficial.
  • Works as a Toner : It is a great toner as the micelles present in it can help remove dirt and oil from your skin. It basically acts as a sponge to get rid of the impurities found on the surface of the skin.
  • Works for all Skin Types : Micellar water can be used on any skin type. It can be especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin, as it can help reduce skin inflammation.
  • For Acne Treatment : When your pores get clogged with bacteria or oil, it triggers inflammation that results in redness and acne. If your skin is prone to acne, then micellar water can help you get rid of it. It contains components that can unclog clogged pores and absorb oil and dirt from the face.
  • Hydrates Skin : Glycerin, which is a hydrating ingredient, is commonly found in most micellar waters. It is one of the components that helps in moisturizing the skin more effectively. Applying glycerin to irritated skin is effective in restoring skin's hydration and enhancing the skin's natural barrier function.

How to use Micellar Water in your Daily Routine ?

Wondering how to use micellar water in your daily routine? The following are micellar water uses:

  • Use it for Toning your Skin : Micellar water is also used as a toner, it draws out all the oil and dirt found on the surface of your skin and clogs your pores. It has a lightweight formula like water, and is a great cleansing agent for your skin without stripping the skin's natural oils. After cleansing your face with your regular face wash, dip a cotton ball in micellar water. Gently drape over the entire skin, and then follow further skin regime.
  • Use it to Remove your Makeup : Use micellar water for its intended purpose – as a makeup remover. Soak a cotton pad in this liquid and wipe off your makeup. If you have heavy makeup, do it twice. This is the safest and most harmless way to remove your makeup.
  • Use it as a Cleanser : Micellar water gets absorbed into your skin and cleanses it quickly. If you use any serums, packs or lotions as part of your nightly routine, clean them with micellar water before washing your face the next morning.
  • Hydrate and Refresh your Skin : Micellar Water is the perfect refresher and hydrator, super easy to use after a workout or anytime you need a quick pick-me-up. It's so refreshing and so good that you can carry this in your gym bag for a quick cleanup after the gym.
  • Use it as a Hand Sanitizer : In general, hand sanitizers can be drying or irritating to the skin. While traditional hand sanitizers tend to dry out your skin, micellar water is a great alternative to cleaning your hands in a pinch. Just pour a little into your palms and rub your hands together, no need to wash.

Micellar Water vs Toner

Both micellar water and toner are designed to be applied with a cotton pad and require no water. But each of them has its own different purposes and micellar water uses.

Micellar Water Toner
It is used in the cleansing step of your skincare routine. It is used after cleansing in the toning step of your skincare routine.
It is versatile because it can remove makeup and leave your skin clean without over-washing. It is best used after cleansing, but they should not be used as an all over face wash as toners can really dry out the skin.
Micellar water is perfect for people who have dry or sensitive skin. It's soothing and moisturizing. If your skin is already oily, you may want to stick to a toner, which is likely a better choice.
Micellar water focuses more on cleansing the skin and moisturizing your complexion. Toners complement cleansers.

Potential Side Effects of Micellar Water

Micellar cleansing water is certainly an excellent product for cleaning the face, but it's very gentle and you may need to use an additional product, such as heavy soap or wipes, to remove dark makeup.

Some skin types may need extra hydration after using micellar water, so mixing it with a natural serum can help lock in moisture for those with very dry skin.

Buy micellar cleansing water from a reputable company that uses high quality ingredients and lists them all on the label. If you experience skin irritation from a product, discontinue use.


Micellar water is a type of skin care product that cleans and tones the skin. It increases skin hydration, eliminates debris and oil, and helps keep skin clear for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

It's also lightweight, practical, and easy to use, making it a great addition to your skin care routine. Although micellar water is often marketed as a multifunctional treatment, other things may be necessary in some cases. If you have any concerns about your skin, seek the advice of a reputable healthcare provider.


Question: Why should micellar water be avoided?

Answer: Micellar waters should not be used on skin that is congested, breakout-prone, or prone to blackheads. This is due to the elements of micellar waters leaving a surface residue on the skin that may act as a film, blocking pores and disrupting oil production.

Question: What makes micellar water different from regular water?

Answer: Because all traces of makeup and pollutants are removed from the pores in a matter of seconds while the skin's moisture barrier is protected, the skin's natural brightness improves every time. Micellar water is developed for skin that is healthy, balanced, and radiant, which is the most notable difference between tap water and micellar water.

Question: Do you use micellar water to clean your face before or after you wash it?

Answer: Cleaning using a no-rinse cleanser first, then a rinse-off cleanser, is part of this skin care strategy. Any leftover impurities from the surface of your skin will be removed by your micellar water, while any remaining makeup will be removed by your second cleanser.

Question: Is Micellar Water suitable for use as a toner?

Answer: Yes, you may use this product as a toner as well as a makeup remover.